Exciting news for the Knuckleheads

14 Aug

Exciting things are happening for the Knuckleheads.

If you’ve been watching their Facebook page recently, you might have seen the announcement that Len Dummer, owner of Knucklehead Craft Brewing, recently posted about the changes happening there.

It read,

Do you like the color of your brewery? Oh well, it’s going to change.

Watch for a lot of changes at Knucklehead because the Dummer family finally closed on the building and they own 426 Ridge Rd! Like Chef Josh’s food? Wait for it…we are totally re-modeling his kitchen with a build-out and all new equipment. Like to sit outside & enjoy a pint? We have hired Thomas Landscape Garden Center & Florist to build out a new beer garden with gas fireplace & a water feature. Trees will fall (for a future retaining wall to allow more on-site parking), windows will change, fences will be built, but Head Brewer Jake’s beer will remain the same delicious beer you love! Stay tuned as we move forward, be patient with us and continue to come in to your favorite “Webster’s only” brewery.

This is very cool news. It’s an expansion I know the brewery has been looking to accomplish for a long time. It also represents another small Webster business success story: not only surviving the pandemic, but finding a way to turn things positive.

That kind of enduring success can be attributed in large part to the loyal customer base Knucklehead has developed, and the kind of people we are here in Webster. Let’s continue to show the love.

Knucklehead Craft Brewing is located at 426 Ridge Rd. in West Webster.

A look inside the brewery in a photo from the Knucklehead Facebook page.

* * *

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