I know you’re out there, Ireland….

29 Mar

Thanks to the wonders of WordPress blog metrics, I can see a lot of information about my readers. The stats tell me some very general data about the most popular reading hours, how many people click on each post every day, even what site is referring them to the blog (Facebook or Google News, for example).

But it also tells me in broad terms what countries my readers are clicking in from. And this particular stat has got me to wondering of late.

Several times a week I get a click or two from Ireland, and that’s been puzzling me. Normally every day I’ll get one or two visitors from China or Thailand or Russia. I suspect these are spam. But the ones from Ireland? I think they’re legit. I’ve been there and met some people — even broke my arm in a karate dojo there — and am wondering if someone is checking up on my hometown based on those visits.

I know that Webster ex-pats regularly check in from Florida and California. But Ireland?

I know you’re out there. If you’re reading this, my friend in Ireland, let me know! And if you’re reading from elsewhere in the country or world, please let me know where you are and why you’re keeping tabs on Webster.

* * *

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