A delicious Pittsford/Webster connection

24 Jul

My husband Jack and I like to ride the Erie Canal Trail between Pittsford and Fairport, and we do so frequently, usually rewarding ourselves with a pint at one of the many fine pubs on either end of the trail.

But at least once every summer we make that ride with the explicit purpose of stopping for lunch at Harladay Hots in Pittsford.

Harladay Hots is an unassuming hot dog cart which every weekday from May through October can be found at the Main Street entrance to Pittsford’s community parking lot. Owner Charlie Harladay and his wife Bernie have been operating the cart in Pittsford since 2010. I first discovered the food cart and met Charlie back in 2017, and got to know him better when I featured Harladay Hots in my D&C column.

From the first time I stopped by the cart, I fell in love with Charlie’s chicken sandwich slathered in his homemade hot sauce. I order it every time we return. But as I explained to him on our most recent lunch visit, I’m not really ordering chicken with a side of hot sauce. I’m ordering his hot sauce with a side of chicken, because it’s that good.

I was singing its praises so much that Jack had to try it. “This is the best hot sauce I’ve ever tasted,” he reported, adding that it reminded him of the hot sauce he used to get in a Buffalo restaurant as a child.

Apparently I’m not the only one enamored with the hot sauce. Just recently, Charlie told me, he started bottling the sauce for sale. (Of course I came home with a bottle of it, since he had some on hand.)

And finally, the Webster connection.

I was pleased to hear that the Harladay Hots Spicy Meat Sauce is available at Hegedorn’s (along with some Pittsford locations). So here’s my totally uncompensated endorsement: you gotta try this hot sauce. And if you really like it, take a ride down to Pittsford some weekday for lunch and see what it’s like on one of Charlie’s burgers or sausages or chicken sandwiches.

* * *

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