If you like our trails, you’ll love being a Friend

4 Dec

Early last month I attended my very first Friends of Webster Trails annual meeting. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it was just my first, since I’ve been a member of the Friends for, like, forever. But I figured it was about time I took my support for this great organization one step further. Attending the meeting would be a good way to meet the organization’s leadership (whose names I’ve mentioned in my blog many a time) and get an overview of what my membership dues helped accomplish this year.

The list of those accomplishments was actually pretty impressive, especially given the challenges everyone was facing this last year due to COVID. There were Eagle Scout projects, work days, invasive species abatement, and discussion about a brand new project called the ReTree program.

Here’s a summary written by Communications Chair John Boettcher:

The Friends of Webster Trails (FWT) held their annual meeting at the Liberty Lodge in Finn Park on Monday November 8th. President Anna Taylor and members of the Board reviewed the year’s accomplishments. There were a number of workdays on the trails, some relying on the help of other organizations which resulted in improvements to several areas. Trail building was initiated in the State Road Preserve. Eagle Scout projects sponsored by FWT resulted in several bridges over small creeks. The ReTree program was established to compensate our forests for the expected loss of hemlocks and other tree species due to invasive insects, disease, and climate change.

During the year, FWT participated in several community events receiving positive feedback from the attendees regarding our trail efforts. FWT is supporting the Town’s Open Space Committee and looking for opportunities to add forested land or property adjacent already established trails.

I’ve long been a fan of the terrific trail system we have here in Webster, and know that we have the Friends to thank for that. But it was impressive to hear about everything they do, presented all in one place. These volunteers put in thousands of hours every summer planning, creating and maintaining our trails. It’s really a thankless job, since only a small percentage of the people who use the trails actually sign up as members. (It really doesn’t cost much. Check out the membership page here.)

If you’re not familiar with Webster’s beautiful trails, check out the Friends of Webster Trails website, then get out there and start exploring. If you ARE already a fan, please consider dropping $10 for a single membership or $15 for a family. Your donation will go a long way towards helping these fine folks help US enjoy our town’s natural beauty for years to come.

If you like our trails, you’ll love being a Friend.

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