Beauty is all around us

15 Apr

It’s so easy to plod through our daily lives with our heads down, our minds heading in different directions at once, backwards to troubles that came before, forward to difficulties we know are on the horizon. But these days especially, for our own emotional well-being, we need to pause and notice the beauty around us.

I got to thinking about that several days ago when I happened to be at Webster Thomas High School. As I was leaving, I walked by an incredible mural.

Well, I ALMOST walked by it. Because it stopped me in my tracks.

The large mural is a close-up of a young man’s face, peering directly at you with a wary, almost accusatory expression. Not being a artist myself, I couldn’t tell you what kind of paints or techniques were used to create it. I just know that it captivated me.

It was then I remembered — from the many years I worked at Thomas — that this was not the only mural splashed across the school’s walls. They started appeared perhaps 10 or more years ago, and new ones are added every year in an ongoing beautification project. And they are beautiful.

So before I left, I strolled through a few more halls and took some photos so I could share some of the incredible art that can be found there.

That very same day, I also made a point to swing by the Webster Recreation Center. The folks there recently installed some art of their own — sort of.

Along the walls leading to the community rooms at the back of the Rec Center, there’s a stunning new mural comprised of about 350 miniature, 4″ by 4″ canvases, created by kids, adults and businesses. Hung together, they’re an explosion of color and whimsy.

There’s still room for more of the 4×4 art pieces, so if you’re interested in adding to the project and having your artwork displayed for all to see, stop by the Rec Center to get your canvas.

In the meantime, make sure to stop sometime in your day, every day, to notice something beautiful.

* * *

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One Response to “Beauty is all around us”

  1. Kathy Taddeo April 15, 2022 at 7:59 pm #

    There is beauty in wise words, Missy. Thanks for sharing some of yours!
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