A heartwarming story about a kickball and kindness

14 Jun

Several days ago I shared with you all a letter to the editor I had seen in the Webster Herald which illustrated what a wonderfully kind community we have here in Webster. Recently one of my friends shared with me another inspirational story about kindness which I want to pass along today.

The story began at the Summer Celebration held at the Webster Recreation Center last Saturday. JoAnne Ford was attending the event with her grandson and his family. The little boy had brought his brand new kickball to play with, and was sharing it with some other children, who were still using it when his family packed up to leave the festivities. Rather than interrupt their fun, he kindly let them keep playing with it, with his grandmother JoAnne’s promise that she would bring it home.

But when she was ready to leave, the kickball was nowhere in sight.

She felt awful about “losing” the ball, even more so after seeing her grandson’s face when she had to tell him the bad news. Then she had a great idea. She posted a message to the Webster Neighbors Facebook page, hoping that perhaps someone had seen the ball and would contact her.

She never expected the reaction she got.

This was the original post:

I have a very sad 8-yr. old who brought his new kickball to the Webster Summer Celebration last night. He shared it with many children and when we left we couldn’t find it. You see, it’s not just any kickball we bought at a store, it’s orange and has an animated monster on it. … He worked hard to raise enough donations for the Heart Association for a school event to win this ball. So unfortunately we can’t find another like it to replace it. If anyone has seen it, please reach out to us.

The responses were immediate and heartwarming. The post was shared at least 70 times, as people all across the town tried to help a disappointed little boy find his special kickball.

JoAnne’s follow-up post tells the rest of the story:

I turned to this page to say “hey… if you see this ball, please reach out.” What I got in return was some pretty amazing responses! Other children offering up their ball, people reaching out to teachers and school staff to see if there were extra balls, which in turn led to multiple phone calls and coordinating…. ALL THIS FOR A KICKBALL.

My heart is full. I didn’t receive one negative comment. I had a WHOLE community trying to replace a kickball for some kid that lost theirs. (Well actually I lost it). I received a message from Bill Mitchell (the educational director for the American Heart Association). I met with him today and I can’t say enough about how amazing, kind, and generous this man is. He not only had a replacement ball… he had several replacements. Extras to continue to share with friends and make another kids day when they don’t have a ball… we are happy to give them one. PLUS tons of other goodies!

We have a VERY HAPPY boy now! Thank you so much Bill! He’s now “keeping an EYE on the ball.”

Thank you to all others who worked hard at reaching out to teachers and staff to help make this happen. A very special thank you to all the kids willing to give up their ball. Kudos to you parents! Webster is truly where life is worth living!

I don’t think the original kickball was every recovered. But I also don’t think that matters too much to this — now VERY happy — 8-year old.

* * *

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(posted 6/14/2022)

One Response to “A heartwarming story about a kickball and kindness”

  1. Kathy Taddeo June 14, 2022 at 8:14 pm #

    Your last two stories of kindness are a great way to start the summer…. And May inspire other kindnesses to follow. Thanks, Missy.
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