Creativity at the library

14 Jul

If you’re a fan of our Webster Public Library (and you should be), you probably have noticed that there’s much more to the library than just books and DVDs and periodicals and puzzles. In many respects it’s like a mini art gallery. And I’m not just talking about the local artist’s wall over by the Community Room, which regularly displays fine art and photographs from local residents. No, I’m talking about the other creative artwork hanging throughout the space (like the sea creatures in the children’s area) or growing out the floor (like the big Reading Tree in the main lobby).

These creations and many more spring from the creative imaginations of Linda Liddle and Katrina Viza, whose friendship — and a small business — have grown ever since the day they met, working at the library.

Here’s a story of how that happened, submitted by Arianna Ackerman, the library’s new marketing strategist.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you have a crazy idea at work, but instead of having it shot down, you meet a fellow creative spirit who supports you? And even crazier, contributes by telling you “This is how we could bring this idea to life, “or “Oh, what if we add this?” You create a friendship which continually snowballs until suddenly you’re business partners! This is the story of Little Kat Create.

Linda Liddle and Katrina Viza seem to have a decorating problem, or as they would rephrase it, “We like to see our surroundings in a visually pleasing and inviting way,” which is how the installations at the Webster Public Library got started. Their love of design and large-scale art was the catalyst for creating the art installation wall near the building’s public computers, which was a tremendous feat, but they show no signs of slowing down. The goal of the two is to “…craft spaces and environments that cause people to pause and look, question, or smile and inspire is what we feel art is all about. And what better place to do it than in a library!”

Their business took on a new life when a young woman was walking by the plaza and saw their snowflake blizzard installation and saw the paper cone tree constructed under the library’s dome. She was intrigued and approached the pair about doing a larger scale installation for her church on Easter Sunday. Many enormous paper flowers later, they were in business.

When deciding on a name for their new venture, the two decided to meld Linda’s side hustle, Liddle Designs into Little Kat, a play on both their names; but it wasn’t until Katrina’s daughter, Maddie, suggested they add “create” and helped them establish the business on Instagram, they felt their partnership was cemented. The final piece of the puzzle was the cat icon inspiration Katrina found as an illustration in a children’s library book. Linda drew their own version and they had a logo. With business cards printed and in hand, they got to work.

Since their initial start a year ago, the pair have collaborated with local businesses, schools, churches, and individuals for parties, proms, baby showers, church functions, and private events. They even provide unique atmospheres for events, like the wedding they have coming up in October, and are scheduled to give a class on how they make their creations at the Penfield Library later this year. While the two have made dozens of beautiful creations for the Webster Public Library, it seems like Little Kat Create has no intention of slowing down. We can’t wait to see what they make next, and you can join in all the behind-the-scenes fun by following Katrina and Linda’s adventures on Instagram by following @littlekatcreate, or pop by the Webster Public Library to see what magic they make next.

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published 7/14/2022

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