Happy news from some happy feet dancers

10 Oct

Every once in a while I hear from Denise Baller, the high-energy director of Dancing With Denise, about the interesting things happening at her studio.

Most recently, I blogged about how her “Happy Feet Dance Crew” makes regular visits to nursing homes to cheer up the residents. More recently, Denise and professional ballerina Bogdana Kopiy visited Dewitt Rd. Elementary School, St. Rita School and Bishop Kearney to talk about Rochester’s upcoming production of Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet.

Ukranian-born Bogdana Kopiy, a professional ballerina, choreographer and dance teacher, was visiting the Dancing With Denise studio to audition young dancers for this year’s production.

At the assemblies, Bogdana talked about the dedication, discipline and perseverance it takes to become a ballerina. Following a question and answer period, Bogdana then led the school students in a short dance class. At Bishop Kearney she also talked some about her home country, the Ukraine, and what’s happening there now.

The assemblies were a follow-up to a weekend of auditions and rehearsals held at the school to cast some of the 40 children who will play the parts of mice, snowflakes, party kids, snow maidens and variations. The school will be well represented in next month’s production; 35 Dancing With Denise students will have parts, including two students with special needs.

Enjoy this charming holiday favorite for yourself, and watch these young dancers perform their hearts out when Nutcracker! Magical Christmas Ballet returns to the RBTL on Friday Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. Tickets purchased online cost $42.50, but contact Denise for a discount code to get the tickets cheaper.

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(posted 10/10/2022)

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