Welcome to the newest trees in town

20 Oct

Many thanks to all of the community members who helped out last weekend at the Friends of Webster Trails ReTree planting event at the Whiting Road and Michael A. Johnson nature preserves.

The workday was in support of ReTree Webster, a Friends initiative, which seeks to preserve our open space forests by removing invasive species and planting native trees. 

Two dozen enthusiastic folks showed up to do the planting, including several families with young children. Everyone pitched in to help clear areas, dig holes, clean dirt of debris, transport and place the bagged trees in holes, backfill and provide fencing to the protect the trees from deer. Thanks to the large and dedicated workforce, the job was completed in a little over two hours. 

Two sites were chosen for the plantings, the new Michael A. Johnson Nature Preserve (adjacent to the Hojack Trail between Van Alstyne and Drumm Road), and another near the smokehouse on the Blue Trail of the Whiting Road Nature Preserve. The team planted 20 trees, including White Pine, Red Maple, American Elm, Bitternut Hickory, Swamp White Oak and Pagoda Dogwood. 

The Friends were blown away by how many community members answered the call. Many thanks to you all for your hard work, and also to Glenn Morrell and his Webster Parks and Rec crew, who moved the trees from the nursery to the two planting sites.

Consider taking a hike during this beautiful autumn to check out the new trees at Whiting Road and Michael A. Johnson nature preserves. If you’d like to participate in or donate to the ReTree Webster effort, contact the Friends of Webster Trails by clicking here.

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(posted 10/20/2022)

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