Webster Recreation Center ups its game

5 Nov

I’ve had the occasion to visit the Webster Recreation Center several times in the last few weeks, including for the Webster Chamber of Commerce meeting and the recent Pumpkins on Parade Halloween festival. And every time I go, I’m once again impressed by how nice a facility it is and how many things the Webster Parks & Recreation Department offers our community.

I especially like the new emphasis they’ve put on their Senior Center and the new events and programs they’ve added for the 55+ crowd. The Rec Center folk recognize that for those of us over 55 (including me — by not a little), this can be a great time in our lives. The kids are out of the house, we’re retired or soon will be, and we’ve got time to focus on ourselves for a change. So they’ve dialed up a nice variety of programs to help us stay young, active, independent and healthy.

I mean, we’re talking more than just card games and chair yoga (both of which they have, of course). There’s also things lke Zumba, stretching, and something called “Theraband” for active people, and weekly lectures for smart people. Basically, there’s something for every over-55-er, no matter your fitness level. And for certain there are a ton of new friends to be made there.

Click here to see the Senior Center’s latest newsletter to find out more about all the 55+ programs.

For seniors — and everyone else — Webster Parks & Recreation has also recently introduced a monthly newsletter called “The Word,” packed with information about … well, lots of cool stuff happening at the Rec Center. In this month’s edition, for example, you’ll learn about an upcoming craft fair, a pajama dance party, a Black Friday fitness class, and about how you can rent rooms at the Rec Center for your meeting, class or party. You’ll also “meet” Recreation Director Katie Kovar. Click here to see the newsletter and sign up to get it in your email box every month.

See you at the Rec!

The Webster Recreation Center is located at 1350 Chiyoda Drive, off of Phillips.

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(posted 11/5/2022)

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