Mama Lor’s now open on Lake Road

18 Nov

One of Webster’s best-loved restaurants has just gotten better. The very popular Mama Lor’s Cafe has opened a second location.

On October 1, Mama Lor’s officially opened at 1319 Lake Rd., in what used to be Doc’s Beer Hall, and before that, the Lake Road Country Store. Just ten minutes away from the original location at 1891 Ridge Rd., owners Mike Pompa, Lori Rosenzweig and Jonathan Oliva have created yet another comfortable, family-friendly restaurant that’s already becoming an integral part of the Lake Rd. community.

The new Mama Lor’s Cafe is a tad smaller than the original location, but that’s hard to tell when you walk through the front door. Unlike Ridge Road, which is divided into three distinct areas, the new restaurant’s dining room has an open floor plan, comfortably seating 80 customers. Another 40 can be accommodated on the big front patio.

The restaurant still offers many of its most popular breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items and specials, including the extremely popular fish fry. But, in a nod to its closer-lo-lake-Ontario location, some new seafood options have also been added. A full bar stretches along one wall, featuring a wide selection of liquors, and regional canned, bottled and draft beers.

One main thing that hasn’t changed with the new Mama Lor’s is the business’ commitment to community. It’s a commitment that goes back to when — and why — Lori opened the original Mama Lor’s in 2012, replacing the old Union Hill Country Grill.

Mike Pompa said that Lori used to work at the Country Grill and saw how much it drew the community together. “While it was vacant, it was always on (Lori’s) mind to resurrect that area, to bring it back to what it was,” he said. “She knew the community was huge over there. She loved the community, she loved seeing people.” Converting the old store into a restaurant seemed like a great way to create that community again.

The community responded in kind, both in good times and (especially) bad. During COVID, for example, Mike said that cars would be backed up in the parking lot waiting for the waitresses to deliver to-go orders.

That community focus was a big reason Mike, Lori and John decided to expand the business to Lake Road, just six miles from the Ridge Road location.

Historically, the Country Store and Doc’s Beer Hall “had a huge following,” Mike said. “Everyone we talk to says ‘I used to come here.’ When they closed down, we had the opportunity to do the same thing in this area,” to rebuild that sense of community.

Now that the business is up and running smoothly, the partners are looking at continued improvements over the next several weeks and next year. They include covering the patio, adding a heated front-door walkway, and creating an “express room” with a separate entrance for take-out orders, grab-and-go sandwiches, and maybe even beer and ice cream.

The new Mama Lor’s has already been warmly welcomed by many Ridge Road regulars. Now Mike hopes that Websterites on the north and west sides of town — who may not be familiar with the original restaurant — will now also get to know and love Mama Lor’s.

After all, the more the merrier for a business which strives to be a welcoming gathering place for the entire Webster community.

The new Mama Lor’s Cafe is located at 1319 Lake Rd., Webster. They’re open Monday 7 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Click here to visit their webpage and here to see them on Facebook.

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(posted 11/18/2022)

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