Webster is getting a dog park

6 Jan

As you can see from the headline, our canine friends are finally going to have an outdoor dog park of their own.

A few weeks ago, Monroe County Executive Adam Bello announced that the county will be constructing a new dog park in Webster Park, which should be completed before the end of the summer.

The 1.5-acre park will be located in the large grassy area just south of Lake Rd., at the corner of Park Rd., which leads into the campground. It will include separate areas for large and smaller dogs, agility equipment and drinking stations.

According to the county’s press release, the project is being funded by a $250,000 grant secured by Assemblymember Jennifer Lunsford, part of the Go Outside Monroe Initiative, dedicated to modernizing the county’s parks system. The funds will also be used to repair and replace existing equipment on the nearby playground.

Chris Bilow, Commissioner of Webster Parks and Recreation, already knows that the park will be popular with town residents. He wrote,

I am excited that the county is making this possible for the Webster community. The request for dog park space is something we hear from residents quite regularly. As we worked with county staff on a potential location and operation it became clear that partnering with the county on the project and having the county operate their current system for dog parks made all sorts of sense.

Thank you to all of the people and agencies who are making this project a reality. It’s something we’ve needed here in Webster for a long time.

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(posted 1/6/2023)

3 Responses to “Webster is getting a dog park”

  1. DPD January 9, 2023 at 3:17 pm #

    Seems like a good use for an underutilized section of our beautiful Webster Park. Google Maps shows me that there are a number of hiking trails to the east of Park Road which connect to the Whiting Road Nature Preserve trails; if Rover wants to ‘stretch his paws’ either before or after a visit with his pals, the trails might provide an adventure. I was a bit confused, and amused, by the East Lake Road referenced on the diagram, though.

  2. Judy Swan April 15, 2023 at 12:41 pm #

    Excited about Webster Dog Park. When will it be started?

    • websterontheweb April 15, 2023 at 1:11 pm #

      I haven’t gotten any more details yet, so you probably know as much as I do!

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