Secondary students got a dose of Locker Love Wednesday

13 Apr

Our Webster secondary students got a dose of positivity Wednesday morning, when they arrived at school to discover sticky notes attached to their lockers. Each of the multi-colored notes carried a self-affirming message encouraging individuality, internal strength, perseverance, resilience and more.

It was all part of the “Locker Love” program, a Webster Central PTSA secondary engagement event, in partnership with the Webster Health and Education Network (WHEN).

Thanks to the efforts of dozens of volunteers who fanned out to each of the secondary buildings on Tuesday night, almost 7,000 inspirational notes were posted, one on every single locker at Schroeder High School (including GOAL), Thomas High School (and OWL), Willink Middle School (and OWL), and Spry Middle School. The volunteers also hung a number of motivational signs throughout the buildings.

The whole idea behind the project, said WHEN chairman Janine Sanger, was to inject a little positivity into the students’ lives, and “to remind kids that they’re the good in the world.”

Webster Schroeder Building Chair Stacie Peters noted that programs like these are a great way for students and their families to realize that PTSA is still relevant in the secondary buildings, even without the birthday parties and book fairs common at the elementary level.

“The secondary chairs love doing these special events for the students to make them feel special,” Stacie said. “(They) all love partnering together because what PTSA is in the middle and high schools is so different from elementary.”

Stacie and the other secondary PTSA chairs — Kim Kozlowski (Thomas/OWL), Kara Quigley and Amanda Clayton (Spry) amd Erin DeSarra and Allison Schoeffler (Willink/OWL) — organize several creative events like this every year, which are always enthusiastically supported by the secondary school administrators.

“We need to support students no matter how old they are,” Stacie said.

This is the third time the secondary school PTSAs have spread Locker Love. The first program was run in 2019, then again in 2020 before the pandemic hit.

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(posted 4/13/2023)

3 Responses to “Secondary students got a dose of Locker Love Wednesday”

  1. MaryAnn OMara April 14, 2023 at 7:06 am #

    What a great idea!!! I love it!!!

  2. DPD April 15, 2023 at 10:28 am #

    Very cool idea. These people are at a remarkably formative age, and a strong dose of encouragement to them is like a strong cup of coffee to … the rest of us … a welcome surprise and a joyful ‘shot in the arm’; a boost to move in the right direction and ‘get things going’. Now, consider please “What’s the next step?” May I respectfully offer the PTSA and WHEN folks suggestion? These wonderful students regularly reach out to those on the periphery; I’m referring to the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living facilities and veterans of the armed forces to name two such groups. Consider the opportunity to grant these folks the privilege of returning the favor to the students. Offer veterans, and elderly folks a way to connect and write notes of encouragement – in 30 words or less – these students via the Locker Love program. I know it would be a lot of work; the logistics are a challenge – but think of the pay-off! Keep the “Locker Love” program used this time, but mix-in notes from seniors and vets … and maybe old, retired folks from the community .. anyone who has words of thanks, respect, wisdom, encouragement and goodwill for the students. This effort could ‘grow wings’ and become a real force for change and good. Ultimately, this is about connection and encouragement – person to person. KUDOS!! Well done on your efforts, and please, think big.

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