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The Knuckleheads get ANOTHER award

14 May


And the kudos keep rolling in for the Knuckleheads.

Last week Len Dummer and George Cline, owners of Knucklehad Craft Brewing in Webster, were presented with an award by Destination Finger Lakes for being voted 2018 Beer of the Year.

DestinationFLX’s annual “Final Pour” contest seeks to promote Finger Lakes breweries through an online beer bracket in which beer enthusiasts could vote for their favorite breweries. The contest was divided into two categories: “New School” (breweries less than three-years-old); and “OG” (four years and older).

First round voting for the 32 participating breweries started on April 14, followed by a second round, quarter finals, then finals.

In the finals, Knucklehead competed against Hopshire Farm and Brewery in Freeville (near Ithaca), winning by a wide margin, 884 votes to 106 votes.

Such a convincing win says a lot about Knucklehead’s loyal customers.

“We were very pleased to have won this competition,” Len said. “This is a blessing to us and we truly appreciate the support of our customers and loyal Knucklehead fans.”

* * *

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