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Hi, can we meet?

15 Feb

As you might imagine, I have access to a lot of statistics about my blog posts.

I can see how many people click through to my blogs every day, on what platform they’re finding the blog, even when the most popular times of day are.

6794So I know there are a lot of people out there reading my blog. But I have met relatively few of you.

I’d like to change that this coming Friday February 21. That afternoon, from noon to 3:30 p.m., I’ll be hanging out in the Webster Public Library lobby, probably with my computer in hand working on some blogs. I’d like to invite one and all to stop by for a few minutes to say hi, maybe set a while to chat about all things Webster.

Bring along your questions, blog ideas, flyers for your group’s upcoming special event, or that clipping you have on the fridge of your favorite blog (I like to think someone has done that!). Bring along your suggestions and your complaints.

But most of all, bring you. Because while statistics tell me that you are one of my regular readers, statistics are, by their very nature, impersonal. I would like to meet you.

If the event is successful, I’d like to try to have more regular meet-and-greets (or as one friend called it, “office hours”). Perhaps I could schedule a session at the library once a month, for example. Maybe even branch out and have one at the museum, or the Village Bakery.

But let’s start next Friday, Feb. 21, at the Webster Public Library, 980 Ridge Rd., at the back of Webster Plaza.  I’ll be there from noon to 3:30 p.m. I hope you will, too.

* * *

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A personal thank-you

18 Jun


You might not have noticed it, but a few months ago there was a big change to this blog. In early February, The D&C decided to go in a different direction with respect to their community blogs, which meant that my “Webster Blog of the Democrat and Chronicle” was no longer associated with the Democrat and Chronicle.

The split caused me some consternation. I wondered, would people still find the blog even though it wasn’t associated with the D&C? Would people keep reading it? More importantly, why was I writing the blog? After all, there was no way to really know for sure if anyone out there cared whether there was a Webster blog or not.

But bottom line is, I love to write. So I decided to make the changes necessary to continue the Webster Blog in some form.

I created a new blog and called it Webster on the Web. I think the new design is much cleaner and easier to read than the D&C‘s platform, and it’s definitely 100 percent easier to use.

Then I kept writing. And surprise, according to the blog’s analytics, people kept reading. And surprise, surprise, people still occasionally came up to me to chat about a blog I had recently written. And most surprising of all, some of my readers actually started SUBSCRIBING to the blog so they’d know when I posted a new one.

So, thank you everyone for reading. Thank you to my subscribers (all 31 of you!). Because no matter how much I love to write, it’s a lot more fun when I know someone is enjoying the fruits of my labors.

* * *

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