Webster’s Schlegel Elementary ranked top-10 in quality

2 Nov



The faculty and staff of Webster’s Schlegel Rd. Elementary School

There’s some exciting news from our Webster schools today.

As reported in the Democrat and Chronicle in an article posted online Thursday, Webster’s Schlegel Road Elementary School was ranked as a top-10 school in Monroe County for quality.

The ranking, part of USA Today’s New York State School Quality Index, looked at several statistical factors, including a school’s diversity, class sizes, attendance and teacher experience levels. Those indicators, the article explained, attempted to capture

measures of a school’s environment that don’t necessarily show up in test scores or graduation rates. The best schools, by this measure, are not those with the highest passage rates on standardized tests, but those that both children and adults find to be pleasant places to spend their weekdays.

Schlegel Road Elementary landed at #10 on the elementary school list. The other nine included two city schools, two charter schools, two East Irondequoit schools, two Rush-Henrietta schools and one in Greece.

I am fortunate to work at Schlegel Elementary School, and can attest to the dedication and commitment that the teachers and staff there have for their students. I see the connections they make every day, the personal touch they have with each and every one of the students in their care. You can tell the kids like coming to school from the smiles on their faces and they way they skip through the halls.

Fostering that kind of atmosphere is a critical first step for every school before real learning can take place. That’s the kind of stuff that a lot of people don’t get to see, and is really hard to measure.

Then again, maybe not.

I congratulate all of my colleagues for the well-deserved recognition.

* * *

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