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Webster pre-K students celebrate 100 days by giving back

19 Feb

Chris McNamara (left) and Ann Meers help their Schlegel Elementary School UPK kids show off the cans they collected and their can chain.

Celebrating the first 100 days of school is an elementary school tradition. It’s not only a fun way to recognize the fact that the school year is more than half over, but it’s also a good excuse to practice counting to 100 in different ways and with a variety of items.

Two Webster pre-K teachers — Joanna Sero at Klem Rd. North and Chris McNamara at Schlegel Rd. — came up with a unique way to help their young students mark the occasion, while helping the Webster community at the same time.

On Feb. 4 they began a two-week long can drive, encouraging their students in each of their classes to donate 100 cans of dog food, which they would then donate to Joyful Rescues.

In a letter she sent home to parents, Sero explained the project and how it would be incorporated into the curriculum:

In the past few months we have learned about friendship, kindness and generosity, as well as wants and needs. As we prepare to celebrate love and friendship on Valentine’s Day, we are inviting our Pre-K friends to show kindness to pets in need. … Our goal is to collect 100 cans (so we can work on sorting/counting them in groups of ten)! We will also connect this project to our study of environmental print.

As you can imagine, the students enthusiastically embraced the project. At Schlegel, the students made a canned-food chain, marking each new donation with a new link on the chain. At Klem North, Sero’s class created a pet shelter/vet clinic dramatic play center, and read books about rescued animals.

By the end of the two-week donation period, both classes had reached their goal (although I suspect the teachers might have had a hand in that). Last Saturday, Sero and McNamara — accompanied by many of their pre-K friends — took them all to PetSmart in Webster and handed them over to some very grateful representatives from Joyful Rescues.

This was a great project in so many ways. It was a fun way for the kids to practice counting to 100, and it was a terrific lesson in community involvement. But it touched on so many other skills as well.

Case in point: When Sero told her class that the Schlegel students had collected 96 cans to their 81, several of them said “they’re beating us!” But then one little guy noted, “It’s okay because we are collaborating with them, and the dogs get all of the cans!”

Here are some photos from the can delivery:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

* * *

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Webster teachers take the plunge

11 Feb

We got some of the greatest teachers in the world here in Webster.

Sunday at noon, I joined about a dozen of my Webster school district teaching colleagues to participate in the 2019 Polar Plunge at Ontario Beach Park to benefit Special Olympics.

If you consider how bad the weather could have been (think back to our recent cold snap and high winds), it actually was a pretty nice day to go take a dip in a frozen lake. I mean, we had bright sunshine, the temperature was in the mid-20s, and there was barely any wind to speak of.

But let me be clear. It was cold. Teeth-chattering cold. Especially when all you’re wearing is a t-shirt and shorts. And that was before you actually went into the lake. The nice Rochester City Parks folks were kind enough to carve a swimming area out of the ice for all the plungers, but it was still like wading through a Slushie.

This was my first Polar Plunge, as it was for most of my colleagues. I believe I speak for many of us when I say I probably would not have done it alone. But having a supportive group of friends shivering right along with me made the whole experience a lot more bearable — and dare I say it? — enjoyable.

But here’s the best part: thanks to the generosity of our friends and Webster colleagues, our WTA team raised $5,000 for Special Olympics, placing us on the top-10 honor roll for team donations. 

These are your kids’ teachers, folks. We are lucky to live and work in the Webster Central School District.

* * *

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Webster community mailbag

29 Oct

So Halloween is not yet in the books, but let’s start looking forward to November and the REAL holiday season.

Let the craft shows begin

The first craft show I’ve heard about this shopping season is schedule for this Saturday November 3 at Schlegel Elementary School, 1548 Schlegel Road, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This annual event features more than 60 vendors, sweet treats, raffles, concessions and lots more. There is, of course, no admission, and there’s plenty of parking.

Barry’s celebrates another anniversary

It’s a big weekend at Barry’s Old School Irish, as Danny and Jessica celebrate the little Irish pub’s 7th anniversary.

You all know how close to my heart I hold Danny and Jessica Barry and their pub. And clearly they feel the same about the people they have met in Webster. This from the Facebook event notice:

This Pub is special for so many reasons. A dream of ours to open after honeymooning in Ireland, which became a reality at 20 and 24 years old. We’ve brought three crazy kiddos into this world since the year we opened Barry’s- our kids quickly gained MANY aunts and uncles from our pub community. We are so thankful to all those who call Barry’s home and are blessed to have made so many wonderful friends that have become Family to us. We’ve shared a lot of lasting memories together in these 7 years, let’s make a few more on November 3rd during our Anniversary Party!

You can check the Facebook event for details, but briefly, the celebration runs from 7:30 to 11 p.m. this Saturday November 3; Dave North will provide live entertainment; there’s an official whiskey toast, Guinness giveaways, an appearance by Jack the Bagpiper, and more.

Barry’s Old School Irish is located at 2 West Main Street, at the Village of Webster’s four corners.

Hot cocoa is back

Next Saturday, November 10, the Friends of Webster Trails will host their annual Hot Cocoa Hike at Four Mile Creek, rescheduled from a few days ago when it was stinky rainy and cold.

Arrive anytime between 7 and 8 p.m. and hike your way to some free hot chocolate. This popular event is NOT guided, but it is easy to do and fun for all ages. You’ll find your way by following a lighted path, starting at the parking lot. The exact route will be selected that week based on trail conditions and marked that evening for you to follow. It may be up to a mile in length (one way).

The hot chocolate will be free, hopefully the moon will be out, and there will be a lot of new friends to meet.

Pre-registration is requested. For more information and to sign up, click here. You can also find information under the events section of the Friends of Webster Trails website.

Four Mile Creek is located at the corner of Phillips and Lake roads, and there’s plenty of parking.

* * *

Also on November 10, the Village of Webster’s second annual Bourbon Bash returns to the Harmony House from 6 to 9 p.m.

Bourbon fans can sample several craft and commercially-produced bourbons, plus fine foods from local restaurants. Participants can also enter a raffle for $15 to win a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle!

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased here. Proceeds will benefit Webster Local Charities. (Remember to bring your ID.)

The Harmony House is located at 58 East Main Street in Webster.

* * *

Does your organization have any special holiday events coming up? Make sure to tell me about them so I can publicize them in my blog. Email me at missyblog@gmail.com.

* * *

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Thank you, Webster Thomas GeoTech team!

2 Jun

GeoTech teachers Kurt Mangos and Mike Tuchrello with the new bookshelf.

I’d like to give a shout-out today to the GeoTech team at Webster Thomas High School. The students in this project-based class did an amazing job building a rolling book shelf for the Schlegel Elementary library, where I work.

Librarian Jamie Palmer and I had heard about some of the projects the GeoTech students had completed, including a shed and raised gardening beds for the Schlegel courtyard. So a few months ago, when we started dreaming about a new bookshelf, we approached them with our idea.

I made a pseudo-architectural drawing of our idea, handed it off to GeoTech teachers Mike Tuchrello and Kurt Mangos, and they ran with it. Last week,  much to our surprise,  they wheeled the brand new bookshelf into the library.

The GeoTech team has been busy this year. Mangos said,

We’ve built sheds, raised accessible planter beds, ADA compliant ramps, cornhole game boards, ladder golf games, WTI Chromebook charging stations, many shelving units, walls for sets, etc….

That includes new planter beds at Plank North Elementary, the OTHER school I work at.

GeoTech students receive a technology, local math, and English credit through the project-based learning class.

* * *

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A few post-St. Pat’s Day stories

20 Mar

As I walked through the halls of Schlegel Rd. Elementary School last week, I came upon a bulletin board peppered with St. Patrick’s Day-themed stories written by Janet Gibson’s fourth grade students. They impressed me so much that I encouraged Janet to let me post a few of them in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s a little late, but the stories are still worth reading. Aside from adding some paragraph breaks for readability, and fixing a few minor spacing errors, I haven’t made any changes. Enjoy!

One lucky day

By: Nate Kozlowski


One day I, Ben Tenisson, was fighting Dr. Animo, with Gwen and Max. I was in the city. Dr. Animo is an evil scientist. We defeated Animo. He got wrecked and gone. Then when I was walking  in the field I found a rainbow. I did not have a lot of time. It was in the afternoon, 12:05. I turned into xlr8 and ran all the way to the end of the rainbow. I found a leprechaun. He said his name was Jimmy. He was polite. He gave me 5 gold doubloons because I asked him.

I told him it was time for me to go. He was a bit sad, so I stayed for a while longer. It started to rain so I turned into upgrade. I upgraded an umbrella so it was huge. Now it was the end of the day. Jimmy was happy because he was not alone for the day. I headed home and told my parents about the day, except me fighting Animo. If my mom knew I was fighting a maniac, she wood have flipped out!!!!!.

Happy Leprechaun’s day!


Rishi’s Adventure

By Rohanth Rishi Chakrala

“Tag, you’re it!” I yelled. I tagged Jay on the monkey bars. I jumped off and quickly rishistarted running. I looked back. Jay wasn’t there. I looked around. He was chasing Abhi. Jay got closer and closer. Then when I thought Abhi was going to get tagged, Jay tripped on a rock. “Ha ha!” Abhi laughed. “It’s not funny” Jay said as he got up.

Just about when I was going to run I spotted a rainbow. “Hey guys, look” I said, pointing at the direction of the big, colorful bow. “Something tells me that there’s a pot of gold at the end” said Jay curiously. Curiosity always gets Jay. “you watch too many movies” Abhi said shaking his head. But Jay already took off running.

“Jay, wait up!” I called, running to get to my bike. Abhi was right behind me. I had to pedal with all my might to reach up to Jay. When I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes, Abhi couldn’t either because his mouth was open. There was a pot of gold at the end. But what surprised me was that the rainbow was projected! “What!” I exclaimed. “Wehad to  get here for nothing?”. “Well, at least we have the money!” Jay said.

“Not so fast!” said a voice. It was coming out of the bushes. Abhi went to see who it was and then a leprechaun jumped out. “AHHHHHHHH!” we all screamed. “Stop screaming!” said the leprechaun. “We screamed because you scared us!” I said. “What is your name?”Jay asked. “Uh, my name is David” said the leprechaun, hesitantly. Jay laughed. “Jay…” Abhi started. Jay stopped. “Its okay” said David. “Everyone usually laughs at me”. “Where are you from, anyway?” I asked. “Really, I don’t know, But I came from this weird portal” he said as he stepped aside. There, right in front of me, was a swirl of purple. “Is this some kind of an adventure?” I asked excitedly. “Maybe, who knows?” David replied.

I was just about to step through when Abhi said “Wait!” “We should go get Derek!” said Jay. 10 minutes later… we found ourselves in a mysterious world. “This is-” Derek started but was broken off by laughter. I turned around and saw everyone pointing and laughing at David. Then when everyone looked at Abhi, they stopped and started minding their own business. “Thanks” David said softly. We went into this evil kingdom. King Raven seemed evil and his knights started chasing us but we fought with cool weapons. “Take this!” I said as I studied the direction in degrees and aimed. And suddenly everything turned into slow motion. Wild king Raven got shot.

Then I opened my eyes. “That whole thing was a dream?” I wondered. “Rishi, you are finally awake!” Abhi said. “Well, let’s go play!” Jay said. “Well then your it!” I said as I tagged Jay. With that, we started where we stopped.

Jay and John’s Weird Adventure

by Jay Crosby

crosby“Mom!” “Yes” “Can I go outside and ride my bike with John?” Jay asked. ”Yes, but be back by six”. Mom said. So Jay lept of the couch, got his light jacket and sped through the garage to get his bike and helmet. He had facetimed John an hour earlier, so Jay expected John to be waiting. And there he was leaning against one of the many columns lining the driveway.

Jay observed John and his bike: he was wearing a red jacket, both Jay and John’s favorite color. Johns bike was green, not the best match with red, but Jay figured John did not care. “Come on let’s go!”. “Wait”, Jay said “What is it ?” said John. “I see a rainbow!” “Let’s go!” “ But…” John Started to say only to find that Jay had Already started to ride down the street , John sighed . Meanwhile… “ We’re there!” “But Jay , It’s 5:46” John said. “But… look”

Before them was the end of the rainbow, and not just that ! There was a huge black pot full of shiny gold coins. And behind, sat a small leprechaun dressed in dark green . “Should we approach?” John asked nervously. But before Jay could answer “oh” The leprechaun said nervously . “Hi, my name is Jay and his name is John”. “Well, my name is Billy”. “Um Jay…”John said. “Yeah,”Jay said. “It’s five fifty nine”. Both of them knew they had to be at their houses by six. “Let me guess”. “Yeah”John said softly . “ You have to be at your house by 6 O’clock?” “Well, yes, but how did you know ?” said John. “I don’t know, I just guessed “. “Tell me your address “. Well ok?” John said “17 Shamrock Circle” Jay said quickly . “And mine is …”John started to say, but was quickly stopped when Billy snapped.

They were all surrounded by green mist. When it all disappeared, Jay was shocked to see that he was in his own garage. “How could I ever thank you !”Jay gasped “Wait but what about my bike?” Jay said. “Right over there “Billy beamed. Jay looked to his right, and there it was as if it had never moved in the first place. “Well thank you so much !” “no problem” Billy said.

The Day of the Leprechaun 

by Margaret Hogan

It was the spring of of 2017 in March. I wore sweaters, scarfs, you name it, I wore it! Wemaggie's photo had a HUGE test… I passed!! I had my name (Gracie Hoffman) and the date. The only rule was: NO DOODLING ON THE TEST PAPER! I was mad, I was practically famous for my doodles. I picked up Annie, Liv, and Savannah from Baker Middle School and St. Lawrence Middle School. I go to Beacher Middle School. My mum doesn’t want to pick up 4 noisey middle schoolers so, I either have to ride my bike or walk to and from school. My house is like, 2 miles away from Beacher Middle School. Beacher is a block away from Baker and St. Lawrence Middle Schools. Annie and Liv normally ride their bikes. Savannah is blind so she has a seeing eye dog. Whenever we hang out with her we walk because she can’t ride a bike. I pick them up and (of course) Annie is wearing her pink floral jeans with her pink unicorn shirt! AGAIN! Liv has her black pants on, plaid shirt, and her black framed glasses. Savannah LOVES orange.

Orange shirt, pants, headband, ponytail, shoes, her dog’s collar, and harness!! I like to wear blue jeans, a tee shirt, white Converse, and a french braid. I love to pet Savannah’s dog, Cody, because he’s SOOOO soft! He’s a rich brown, almost caramel color, Labrador Retriever. HE’S THE CUTEST!! Maybe it’s just because I love big-ish dogs. He’s always helping Savannah so I rarely get to pet him. I dropped off Savannah at her house. After I pick them up, we walk to my house. We go into my room, Annie was SHOCKED (Liv wasn’t because she knew about my room).

The last time Annie came to my house, I was obsessed with dogs. Apparently it was a shock to see horses in my room. I had posters of Man O’ War, Black Beauty, American Pharoah, Secretariat, Chocolate Chip Kisses, and MANY more! I ride horses and the day I pick up my friends I have to go to the barn. Liv rides but she’s not advanced yet. Annie mucks out stalls while Liv and I ride. I ride a new Welsh Pony named Squirrel, he’s a light chestnut stallion. He’s too feisty to be gelded yet. He has barely had a rider on his back so he likes to buck and rear. I just lunge him if he’s good. If I don’t ride Squirrel, I ride Tobacco. He’s an 11 year old American Quarter/Paso Fino Gelding. He can be feisty, but normally he’s amazing. On trail rides I ride a Gelding named Bay, he’s calm and fast. As I said, Liv rides too. She rides a 7 year old Red Roan 13’4hh Connemara Pony. I took Annie and Liv to the barn. Liv rode Strawberry and I rode Tobacco. I jumped 4’6 and since Strawberry is a pony, Liv only jumped 2’3.

Griffin, our trainer, walked into the outdoor arena, where we ride. He asked us to warm up by walking for 3 minutes then trotting around for a few minutes, then we can start jumping. After the ride, we went on a trail ride. I tacked up Bay western because it’s comfortable. Liv tacked up Whisp. She’s an Exmoor Pony.

She’s a 12’4hh Dapple Bay. We go to a open field where we like to gallop. In the corner we saw a leprechaun. We galloped to him, he had his empty pot of gold. He exclaimed that he went out to leave some stuff for a child, came back, and his gold was GONE!! He saw a man with gold but didn’t think much of it. He had a plain black shirt, and black jeans. Liv said “ I’ve seen a man like that”. We went to the local police, we told them what had happened. THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE US! We went on the hunt… Liv and I. Up to us. We searched where all the sketchy guys go. We saw him! He was “Camping” in a dirty alley. We galloped the horses as fast as they could toward the police.

They walked slowly to their cars. They drove to the location and one man tackled him. The other men saw the pot of gold. The other two men grabbed the carriage/cart and I hopped off of Tobacco. We hooked up Tobacco to the carriage/cart and he did his very steady trot over to the Leprechaun. Liv and Whisp were waiting for us. We handed him the pot and he gave us HALF! We traded it for real money.

With the money, I bought a saddle, a saddle pad, a bridle and a halter! Liv bought a halter and A TON of treats for Strawberry!

* * *

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Spreading the joy of books at Schlegel

2 Feb


How many ways can you find to read a book aloud? Schlegel Elementary School figured out about a half dozen ways to do that Thursday.

The occasion was World Read Aloud Day, and the entire school participated. Library Media Specialist Jamie Palmer took the lead. Step one was to assign all the students into small groups. Then, right after morning announcements, the school’s fifth graders fanned out to their assigned groups, leading them to classrooms where readers were waiting.

But not just classrooms. Students clustered in hallways, the gymnasium, the music room, the library … pretty much any space where they could settle in and listen to a few good books.

About 20 minutes later, the teachers (plus support staff and substitutes) swapped spots and read two more books to a new group of students. Then everyone convened in the cafeteria, where Supervisor Carmen Gumina read Aaron Reynolds’ Creepy Pair of Underwear to the entire school.

Other highlights of the day included when second graders performed books for kindergartners, and when three children’s authors Skyped in to chat with students.

It still wasn’t over. At the end of the day, everyone gathered in the cafeteria again to enjoy some whimsical poetry by Amy Ludwig Vanderwater from her book Read! Read! Read!

By the end of the day, every student had enjoyed at least six books read aloud to them –not including any that the classroom teachers worked into their regular curriculum.

If there was any question whether the students enjoyed the day, it was answered when at the very end of the afternoon’s assembly, the entire student population spontaneously started to chant “We love books!”

Here are a few photos from the day. I’ll put the rest in a photo gallery which you can see here.

* * *

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Holiday fun at the elementary schools

19 Dec

Holiday time at the elementary schools is always a fun time for both students AND staff


Schlegel Road teacher Bill Ambler the Jolly Elf. 

members. And since I have the pleasure of working in two different elementary schools, that fun is kind of doubled.

On Monday I was at Schlegel Road Elementary, where silly outfits were the order of the day. We also enjoyed a  concert by the Webster Show Choir, comprised of outstanding vocalists and dancers from both Schroeder and Thomas high schools. I was told that it was the first time in 16 years the choir had visited Schlegel.

Later that afternoon, Show Choir traveled to Plank Road North later that afternoon for another performance. Here are a few photos from that concert, courtesy Sarah Rosenberry:

I’m not sure the link will work, but try clicking here to see some video from that concert.

And here’s some icing for the holiday cake: A holiday video created by Schlegel Road staff members. Click here to see it. It’s kind of fun.

video slide


* * *

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Schlegel students get real-life lesson in charity

7 Dec


If you happened by Walmart on Wednesday night to do some holiday shopping, chances are you saw a very festive group of elementary school students. They were fifth graders from Schlegel Road Elementary School, manning the Salvation Army’s red kettle, ringing bells and singing Christmas carols.

According to fifth grade teacher Jill Mancini, this is at least the sixth year the classes have taken a bell-ringing shift for the Salvation Army.

“We do it to teach students about giving to others,” she said, adding that the volunteer effort was integrated into a lesson about charitable agencies.

“(The students) have been researching community organizations including the Red Cross, Salvation Army and UNICEF,” she said. The experience “also helps introduce our upcoming lesson about human rights, getting them thinking about that,” she added.

You can find a short video of the kids singing on the Schlegel Elementary School Twitter page. Click here to see that.

* * *

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Webster’s Schlegel Elementary ranked top-10 in quality

2 Nov



The faculty and staff of Webster’s Schlegel Rd. Elementary School

There’s some exciting news from our Webster schools today.

As reported in the Democrat and Chronicle in an article posted online Thursday, Webster’s Schlegel Road Elementary School was ranked as a top-10 school in Monroe County for quality.

The ranking, part of USA Today’s New York State School Quality Index, looked at several statistical factors, including a school’s diversity, class sizes, attendance and teacher experience levels. Those indicators, the article explained, attempted to capture

measures of a school’s environment that don’t necessarily show up in test scores or graduation rates. The best schools, by this measure, are not those with the highest passage rates on standardized tests, but those that both children and adults find to be pleasant places to spend their weekdays.

Schlegel Road Elementary landed at #10 on the elementary school list. The other nine included two city schools, two charter schools, two East Irondequoit schools, two Rush-Henrietta schools and one in Greece.

I am fortunate to work at Schlegel Elementary School, and can attest to the dedication and commitment that the teachers and staff there have for their students. I see the connections they make every day, the personal touch they have with each and every one of the students in their care. You can tell the kids like coming to school from the smiles on their faces and they way they skip through the halls.

Fostering that kind of atmosphere is a critical first step for every school before real learning can take place. That’s the kind of stuff that a lot of people don’t get to see, and is really hard to measure.

Then again, maybe not.

I congratulate all of my colleagues for the well-deserved recognition.

* * *

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Webster Wednesday Mailbag

31 Oct

News from the schools, the museum and the library in today’s mailbag.

The Schlegel Road Craft Show will be held on Saturday November 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Schlegel Road Elementary School, 1548 Schlegel Road, Webster.

This annual event is sponsored by the PTSA, and promises more than 60 vendors offering everything from holiday shopping to sweet treats to raffles and more. Food and drink will be available for purchase.


A view from last year’s art show.

Also that Saturday November 4, the Webster Art Club’s fall art show will open at the Webster Public Library. This show presents the original artwork of current members of the club, including works in oil, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel, graphite, colored pencil and mixed media.

The opening reception/awards presentation and judge’s critique will take place from 1 to 2 p.m. on Saturday.  This year’s judge is Webster Thomas art teacher, and artist, Todd Stahl.

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

The artwork can be viewed through November during open library hours. Selected paintings may be purchased by contacting the individual artist.

The Webster Museum will honor veterans on Saturday November 11 at 2 p.m., with a presentation by Jack Kowiak.

Kowiak will present on one of the most dramatic, inventive and heroic war exploits of all time, Jimmie Doolittle’s 1942 raid on Tokyo. He’ll share film clips and photos as he recreates this historic event.

The talk will be about an hour, and will be followed by personal stories from local veterans, and refreshments. While you’re there, make sure to check out the display of community uniforms.

This program is free and handicap accessible. For more information, visit the museum’s website or Facebook page.

The Webster Museum is located at 18 Lapham Park in the village.

Here’s another interesting historical program, this time at the St. Martin Lutheran Church. It’s called Buried In The Backyard: A Chance Discovery of Early Inhabitants of Webster.

While digging a post hole in his backyard in May 2012, Ed Harding found a projectile point dating 3,500 years or more old brought up with the dirt. Curious as to why it was there motivated him to begin an archaeological dig. What he discovered was evidence of stone tools and human occupation thousands of years old in a layer of topsoil that was buried in the 1950’s for the development of the existing housing subdivision.

Ed will present his intriguing program of discovery on Thursday, November 16 at 7 p.m. at St. Martin Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 813 Bay Road. The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will follow his presentation.

* * *

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