Good Smoke is good stuff

3 May

good smoke

I took a while, but I have finally tried out one of the Village of Webster’s newest restaurants, Good Smoke BBQ on Main Street.

Good Smoke opened in January, the third location for the restaurant, which is also located in East Rochester and Chili. I’d been hearing good reviews and was in the mood for barbecue, so it was a good choice after a long week of house cleaning as we prepared our former home to go on the market.

So my husband and I (new village residents that we are) walked down there last night for dinner. My first thought as I scanned the menu was that things were a bit pricey. Not exorbitantly so, but above average from what I would expect from a BBQ place. (Admittedly, I haven’t been in many.) Hoping that it would be a large enough serving for two, we decided to split a three-meat combo platter, priced at $22.99, comprised of 1/4 rack of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, a piece of corn bread and two sides (we chose mac salad and baked beans).

It was a great decision.

I needn’t have worried that there would be enough for two people. Both the meat servings and the sides were generous, and by the time we had plowed through them and the corn bread, we were plenty full.

And everything was delicious. The rib and pork sauces were pretty sweet, which I loved. The beans were also very tasty and my husband enjoyed the mac salad (although I prefer my mac salad a bit more vinegar-y). I also give high marks to the corn bread, which was nicely moist.  The servers were friendly and the service was fast.

So bottom line, I definitely recommend Good Smoke, and we will definitely be back. The meat combo platter was a good choice this time, but knowing how generous the servings are, I wouldn’t hesitate to try one of the sandwiches or BBQ bowls next time, maybe for lunch.

Good Smoke BBQ is located at 5 West Main Street in the Village of Webster. Check them out on Facebook here, on their website here.

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