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Big changes in store for Good Smoke

26 Nov

good smoke

Since Good Smoke BBQ opened last January on West Main Street in the village of Webster, it has become one of my favorite village restaurants. I don’t believe I’ve ever enjoyed barbecued anything so much. Good Smoke’s sweet sauces are delightful, their side portions ample and their corn bread is delicious.

So when I heard recently that Good Smoke would be undergoing some major changes — including a significant menu shift — I was disappointed. But intrigued.

In short, before the end of the year, Good Smoke will become known as Roc Style Chicken and Burger, featuring a brand new menu with a lot less barbecue and a lot more, well, chicken and burgers.

Good Smoke management officially announced the changes on social media yesterday. Roc StyleTheir post read, in part,

We have a concept that we have been developing for years which we believe will be perfect for these locations. We are still working out the last details but would love to share the concept that we are incredibly excited about: Roc Style Chicken and Burger.

Roc Style is a celebration of Rochester’s culinary traditions. It is a celebration of our great city and the incredible lifestyle it affords us. Sweet and Sour sauce, Meat hot sauce, White hots… and much much more. Triple dipped, hand breaded to order, butter milk marinated chicken sandwiches. Over a dozen home made sauces for your wings, bone in or house made boneless. Hand pressed burgers and Zweigles dogs, plates with our super popular meat hot sauce. Awesome appetizers to share. A new menu but the same Good Smoke drive for ridiculous food quality and incredible customer service.

Small changes are already in the works. Table service was introduced a few weeks ago, and the restaurant is serving a limited beer menu. Major renovations will begin after Thanksgiving, including replacing the front counter with a bar, and swapping out much of the bench seating for high-top tables.

The owners will close the restaurant after Wednesday night’s (Nov. 27) dinner hours and hope to re-open within just a few weeks.

When I spoke with general manager Jeremy White a few days ago about the plans, he was excited about the additional service opportunities the new arrangement will offer, especially the new table service.

“With table service we can actually interact with the guests,” he said. That will allow a more personal experience for the guests, and more flexibility for them to add things, like beer and wine, to their order.

Reaction to Good Smoke’s announcement on Facebook has been mixed. Many people are very disappointed (and in true Facebook tradition, are being rather snarky about it). Others are more supportive.

I’m going to go with supportive, and I wish them luck. Having fallen in love with Good Smoke, I can handle traveling to their East Rochester location to get my three-meat platter, baked beans and corn bread. It won’t be just steps from my home anymore, but I can’t fault a business owner for making a business decision that seems right for the market.

Bottom line, we need reasonably-priced restaurants in the village, and if this change will help Good Smoke stay here and help our village remain strong, then more power to them.

Good Smoke BBQ is located at 5 West Min Street, Webster. To keep updated on the changes, visit their Facebook page. You can also email questions and comments to info@goodsmokebbq.com.

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Good Smoke is good stuff

3 May

good smoke

I took a while, but I have finally tried out one of the Village of Webster’s newest restaurants, Good Smoke BBQ on Main Street.

Good Smoke opened in January, the third location for the restaurant, which is also located in East Rochester and Chili. I’d been hearing good reviews and was in the mood for barbecue, so it was a good choice after a long week of house cleaning as we prepared our former home to go on the market.

So my husband and I (new village residents that we are) walked down there last night for dinner. My first thought as I scanned the menu was that things were a bit pricey. Not exorbitantly so, but above average from what I would expect from a BBQ place. (Admittedly, I haven’t been in many.) Hoping that it would be a large enough serving for two, we decided to split a three-meat combo platter, priced at $22.99, comprised of 1/4 rack of ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket, a piece of corn bread and two sides (we chose mac salad and baked beans).

It was a great decision.

I needn’t have worried that there would be enough for two people. Both the meat servings and the sides were generous, and by the time we had plowed through them and the corn bread, we were plenty full.

And everything was delicious. The rib and pork sauces were pretty sweet, which I loved. The beans were also very tasty and my husband enjoyed the mac salad (although I prefer my mac salad a bit more vinegar-y). I also give high marks to the corn bread, which was nicely moist.  The servers were friendly and the service was fast.

So bottom line, I definitely recommend Good Smoke, and we will definitely be back. The meat combo platter was a good choice this time, but knowing how generous the servings are, I wouldn’t hesitate to try one of the sandwiches or BBQ bowls next time, maybe for lunch.

Good Smoke BBQ is located at 5 West Main Street in the Village of Webster. Check them out on Facebook here, on their website here.

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