The Music Store is closing

26 Aug
The Music Store is located at 18 East Main St., Webster

After 32 years anchoring the Village of Webster’s East Main Street business scene, The Music Store is closing. 

Owner John Bucci announced the news on his Facebook page last weekend. Every day since, he’s been fielding comments and customers who are surprised and saddened by the news. But everyone can take some consolation from the fact that neither Covid nor slow sales has driven John’s decision. Instead, he said, “It’s time, just plain and simple.” 

“It’s hard to do retail all these years,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about it, thinking of an exit plan, which means I was halfway out the door anyway.”

“I’m going out on my terms.” 

John doesn’t know yet what life has in store for him next, but he definitely wants to move on from the day-to-day grind of retail. One thing he’s especially looking forward to is being “excited about playing my instruments again.” 

The enjoyment part gets burned out from the business part. I’m looking forward to wanting to pick up my instruments again. To go downstairs and an hour and a half goes by, practicing, playing for enjoyment, getting my chops back im looking forward to that inspiration again.

I’m surrounded by (music) every day, 12 hours a day, so to continue to go home and play for two hours is just an extension of the job. That’s not enjoyable.  

He does know that he won’t be selling the business; it would be too difficult to find someone to buy into all the inventory and long hours. That means everything has to go, and he’s already started marking prices down. Students who need to rent an instrument for school will find some especially good deals. 

“All those rental instruments have to go,” John said, and he has a lot of them. Parents will be able to pick one up for less than what they would have paid for a year-long rental.    

Like the long-time customers who are stopping by to pay their respects, John has fond memories from his history in the village. Like when the village held its first White Christmas celebration many years ago. 

“We had a huge snowstorm…I built a snowman out front, I used a guitar speaker for a hat. That seems like it happened last year.”

When pressed about how it feels to have been such an integral part of the Village business scene for so long, John was at a loss for words. On his Facebook page, however, customers and friends are having no problem expressing exactly what his store has meant for Webster:

  • “John is hands down one of the nicest and honest people I have ever dealt with. He and his store will be greatly missed.”
  • “John, you have put your heart and soul into the Music Store. You have touched so many people with your passion for music.”
  • You met all of our kids’ musical needs from preschool through senior year.”
  • “The store has been a musical cornerstone of mine for the better part of 30 years.” 
  • “John has been great to work with and I will treasure the guitars I bought there as well as his friendly support.” 

But perhaps this comment sums it up best: 

  • “This is one of the only cool places left in the area.”  

Thank you for being such an integral part of the Village of Webster family for so long, John. We will miss you , but we all wish you the best in the next chapter of your life.

The Music Store is located at 18 E. Main St. in the Village of Webster. Stop by, say hi to John and get some great deals.

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One Response to “The Music Store is closing”

  1. Joe Interlicchia April 12, 2022 at 4:09 pm #

    Stopped by today for the first time in a while didn’t realize you were closed. : ( Thanks for always taking care of me John, you will certainly be missed.


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