To the Core Pilates opens in Towne Center

15 Nov

Now, I’m no stranger to working out. I walk, run, do a little weightlifting, a little yoga. But Pilates? Had no clue what it was. So when I sat down for a chat the other day with Erin Ferrante, owner of the new To the Core Pilates studio, I thought I should let her know that right off the bat.

To her credit, she didn’t laugh, or even giggle. On the contrary, she assured me that’s not unusual; a lot of people around here don’t know much about Pilates.

I came to realize that that example of non-judgmental acceptance pretty much sums up Erin’s approach to her new business and the people who walk through her door: everyone is welcome, no matter what shape you’re in or where you are in your fitness goals.

Even if you know nothing about Pilates.

To the Core Pilates opened on Oct. 4 in Towne Center plaza (Target plaza) next door to Visionworks. It’s a dream come true for owner Erin Ferrante, who first fell in love with Pilates when she was living in Aspen, Colorado several years ago. When she came back home to Wayne County, she brought that passion for Pilates with her, along with a dream of opening her own studio. She even had her eye on a plaza she knew very well from her Wayne County youth.

She remembers, “I said, ‘Mom I just want to move home and open a Pilates studio in Webster Plaza. A couple years later, here I am.”

She started small, first offering classes in an under-used building at Thornbee Farm in Walworth, owned by her aunt and uncle. The venture was extremely successful. She soon realized she needed more room, and was ready to take the next step. She found an 1800-sq. foot studio space in Towne Center, and started introducing what she calls a “very west coast fitness regimen” to the greater Webster community.

“There’s not really Pilates around here,” she explained.

A lot of people don’t know what it is. I’ve found that’s been one of the biggest things. People know how to lift weights around here or do burn boot camp. Pilates is a type of exercise where we focus on slow, controlled toning exercise. We do things that are high intensity but it’s a very low-impact workout.

So basically, Pilates stresses low-impact flexibility, muscular strength, and endurance. Which is pretty much why everyone can do it, regardless of fitness level.

I’m trying to help people understand that they don’t have to jump around to get a good workout. … The high impact stuff is not good for your joints and muscles. … The awesome thing about Pilates is we use very low weights, very high reps. I want to teach people that good exercise, maybe three days a week, clean eating and a little bit of walking is going to get them to the goals they’re looking for.

“I want people to feel like this is really a welcoming community when they come in the door,” she added. “No matter what their fitness level is, we can help them.”

It’s an approach that’s already winning a lot of fans, like Maria Derks. Packing up from an intense Barefoot Boot Camp class, she agreed with Erin, calling the atmosphere at To the Core Pilates as “very intimate. (Erin) makes me feel special,” she said. “She wants to make us all feel welcome.”

To the Core Pilates is located at 1028 Ridge Rd. (Towne Center plaza), next door to Visionworks in the plaza’s northwest corner. Classes offered include Pilates, core, yoga and high-intensity Barefoot Boot Camp. Plus, this coming Wednesday Nov. 17, Erin will also be hosting a special Nourish: Body & Mind nutrition workshop led by Erica of Revive Your Tribe, designed especially for women.

Visit the To the Core Pilates Facebook page and Instagram (@tothecore_pilates) for more information.

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