Revisting the Village Quilt Shoppe

4 Apr

It had been a long time since I’d popped into the Village Quilt Shoppe on Main Street, which happens to be one of my favorite — and perhaps the cutest — shops in town. I don’t visit very often these days, but I’m always pleased to see patrons coming in and out while I’m there, and I love exploring all of the new, very creative quilting projects hanging everywhere.

I paused during my morning walk yesterday to stop in just to say hi to Monique and Vanetta. What immediately struck me when I walked through the door were the dozen-or-more “fat quarters” hanging from the shop’s ceiling.

Basically, fat quarters are mini-quilts, and the challenge to our local quilters was to take two distinctly different fabrics, and work them into whatever design they’d like. The finished projects, even though each one incorporates the two fabrics, are wonderfully different. The designs range from more traditional bordered quilts, to a pastoral scene with sheep, two friends holding hands, flowers, a beehive, cats and birds and more.

You can vote for your favorites online here, but it’s better to stop by the shop and see them in person. They’ll pretty much blow you away. (Votes are being accepted through April 15.)

But be forewarned. When you go to the shop, be prepared to be sucked in by the beautiful quilted projects of all kinds that fill the walls and hang from the shelves. I’m not even a quilter, and I kept stopping to admire first an apron, then a bag, then a pillow.

If you’re a quilter yourself or if you love a quilter, and you haven’t stopped by the Village Quilt Shoppe yet, what’s stopping you? Vanetta and Monique would love to meet you. The shop is at 21 East Main St., at the corner of Lapham Park.

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(posted 4/4/2023)

One Response to “Revisting the Village Quilt Shoppe”

  1. Mary April 4, 2023 at 10:56 pm #

    Love this place…truly a Webster treasure of a business!

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