Barry’s Runners celebrate seven years

6 Apr

Through rain, snow, sleet, biting cold and oppressive heat, Barry’s Runners have been running (and walking) every week for seven straight years.

Barry’s Runners, which marked its seventh anniversary this week, is a social running group of men, women, children (and occasionally dogs) that meets every Wednesday evening at Barry’s Old School Irish in the Village of Webster. Runners meet up at the pub at 6 p.m., and take the requisite before-run group photo before breaking into small groups to head out on their chosen routes. Some will run just a few miles, others as many as four, along village streets, the bike path, and nearby trails.

The group originated in 2016 as an extension of an already long-established local running club, Women Run Webster. Members of that group had been getting together for regular runs for more than a year. These runs would often begin and end at Barry’s, and the pub sort of became the unofficial home of Women Run Webster.

Alana Russell, one of Women Run Webster’s original members, came up with the idea to invite the greater Webster community to join the fun. Partnering with Barry’s Pub seemed like a no-brainer. So she pitched the idea to owners Danny and Jessica Barry, who enthusiastically supported the idea.

The new Barry’s Runners club held its first run on Tuesday, April 5, 2016. At least two runners have participated every week since, regardless of the elements. Even in the yuckiest weather, the runs will attract a half dozen or more die-hards. During the summer, several walkers will join the club, some with dogs and strollers in tow. Some weeks as many as 20 runners and walkers will crowd on the sidewalk for the pre-run photo.

And there’s always a pre-run photo. And it’s always outside. Even in the coldest weather, some unlucky Barry’s staff member is chosen to traipse outside with their cell phone, and no coat, to capture the occasion.

When everyone returns to the pub, it’s time to celebrate another successful run with pints, pretzels and good conversation.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve been running with this bunch of crazies since the beginning. I know for a fact that if it weren’t for them expecting me to show up, I wouldn’t have kept up my running regimen, modest though it may be. Running with good friends is so much easier than running alone.

Anyone who’d like to join in the fun is more than welcome. Things kick off — rain or shine — at 6 p.m. every Wednesday at Barry’s Old School Irish, 2 West Main Street in Village of Webster. Three pre-mapped routes of varying lengths have been prepared, or you can make up your own route. The whole idea is just to get out there, get some exercise and have fun with like-minded people. And no matter how far you want to run, how fast you run, or even if you just want to walk, you’ll find a new friend to do it with you.

But it’s OK if you want to stay home when it’s blizzarding out. We’ll understand.

* * *

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(posted 4/6/2023)

One Response to “Barry’s Runners celebrate seven years”

  1. Charlene Sudore April 8, 2023 at 10:17 am #

    I ran with this group for many years and like Missy being expected to show up every week definitely guilted me into keeping up my running routine. Many great friendships were made and other activities like cycling emerged from this group. I have since moved to Tennessee and have not found a community like this down here – it is very unique and special. As a result my running has fallen by the wayside without the accountability but I’ve embraced hiking as I’m surrounded by beautiful mountains. HOWEVER, whenever I’m in Webster it’s a given that I will show up on Wednesday night and do my best to struggle through a few miles (maybe some walking along with the running these days) to spend time with these awesome people!!! I miss them all!!!

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