Free fitness expo designed for those with Parkinson’s

7 Apr

My father died seven years ago from Parkinson’s. So I know this frightening disease is in my family, and it might be something I’ll need to watch out for — and maybe even deal with — some day.

Given that history, I was very interested in a notice I received recently from the Webster Recreation Center about a special event being hosted there by Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage.

Beth Parry, a co-owner of Wellness 360, has been working on various projects with the Rec Center for several years. She currently teaches several classes including a mindfulness class and a weekly chair yoga class that routinely attracts more than 40 participants. Beth also offers classes specifically designed for those with Parkinson’s, including Rock Steady Boxing and cycling, and special events including a monthly support group for Parkinson’s caregivers. 

In an email, Beth explained the importance of exercise for the management of Parkinson’s:

Studies show that exercise can manage the progression and control the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Wellness 360 has developed a comprehensive Parkinson’s Program for all levels of your disease progression. Our classes provide support through evidence-based exercise, stress management, and vocal interventions. Wellness 360 also supports our Caregivers through support groups and respite events. Our vision is to empower the community through full-circle wellness to manage and treat your disease diagnosis. 

On Wednesday April 12, Beth will lead a Parkinson’s Fitness Expo from 1 to 4 p.m. at the Webster Recreation Center. For those who have received a PD diagnosis, the event will offer the chance to sample five different classes:

  • Rock Steady Boxing:  Studies show boxing is a powerful exercise to manage your disease progression. This class uses evidence-based exercise with varying speeds, times, and resistance levels. Participants are encouraged to work at a pace that maximizes the effort and intensity of movement.  There are 2 levels to this class, adapted to each participant’s fitness level.
  • Parkinson’s Dance: Uses the power of music to help unlock stiff joints and muscles, improve your balance, and get those frozen feet moving. The class is open to all levels of fitness, and caregivers are welcome to participate.
  • Intentional Communication through the Arts:  Aims to improve speech clarity, volume, and expression through the integration of traditional speech therapy and performing arts basics. 
  • Cycle for Active Adults: Uses intervals with varying speeds, times, and resistance levels. Participants are encouraged to work at a pace that maximizes the effort and intensity of movement.
  • Yoga & Chair Yoga:  This class uses breathwork and traditional yoga postures to improve your range of motion, decrease your pain, and improve your balance. 

Each class will last for 20 minutes and will be scheduled such that every participant can try every class if they’d like.

Special activities will also be offered for caregivers, including hair massage, an introductory meet-and-greet for the caregiver support group, and yoga classes.

The Parkinson’s Fitness Expo is free of charge and no registration is required.

The Webster Recreation Center is located at 1350 Chiyoda Dr., just off of Phillips Rd.

* * *

About Wellness 360:

Wellness 360 Physical Therapy and Massage, developed two years ago by Beth Parry and Lindsay Perez, offers physical therapy, massage therapy, and group fitness classes for disease management. Their group fitness classes are designed and led by healthcare professionals using evidence-based exercises. Their mission is to support the whole person, including their caregiver, through respite care events and monthly support groups. They believe a patient shows improved healing when surrounded by positivity, family, and social support. Wellness 360 has offices in Rochester and Webster, and also offers home-based mobile physical therapy sessions.

* * *

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(posted 4/7/2023)

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