Rosy Glow Maternity supports moms-to-be, and the community

13 May

There are a lot of fine businesses in Webster. But every once in a while one stands out to me, usually because of the strong commitment they’ve made to support our community.

Such is the case for Rosy Glow Maternity, a small, woman-owned shop catering exclusively to expectant and brand-new mothers. Located in Sunrise Plaza across the street from Delta Sonic in Ridge Rd., Rosy Glow is owned by Kari Tetzlaff, a mother of five herself. It’s not a big place, but it’s comfortably stocked with a wide variety of fashionable, reasonably-priced clothing for women in all stages of pregnancy, plus a nice selection of self-care products, like sitz baths, nursing ware, nipple balms and post-partum products all made by women-owned, local small businesses.

Kari opened the shop almost two years ago. She was pregnant with her now three-year old, and was a little stressed out; Motherhood Maternity, her go-to maternity shop, had just closed their retail locations.

“We were moving here to Webster from the city, I was pregnant, and starting a new job. I was, ‘Now where do I go? How do I get myself dressed for this brand new job?'”  

Fortunately, some of her new neighbors were able to help, giving her their unused maternity clothes. So at least she then had enough clothes to get dressed, but started to wonder, how can everyone else get dressed? “I don’t recommend moving when you’re really pregnant, but if you have to, you don’t always luck out having neighbors like that.”

That’s how the idea got started in her head, she said. But it wasn’t until COVID hit and she almost immediately lost her new job, that she decided she needed something to do with her free time. The answer was seemed clear: she’d open a maternity shop where all expectant moms can find the clothing and products they need for reasonable prices.

Starting a brand new business in the middle of the COVID shutdown was a risky proposition, she admitted. But, dealing with pregnancy doesn’t offer a whole lot of options like working via Zoom or ordering out from restaurants.

“You can go nowhere to get anything, but you’re still pregnant,” she said. “You still have to go to some prenatal appointments. You still have to go get blood work done, you still have to make it to the hospital to deliver your baby, go to the pediatrician after. Those are still non-negotiable. And what do you wear if you have nothing to wear?”

With Rosy Glow, Kari is trying to answer that question for all of the expectant and “newly-minted” moms out there who have few places to turn for comfortable clothes. She’s able to keep her prices low by selling only pre-loved items, carefully selected and purchased from women who no longer need them.

That approach presented its own challenges during COVID when new mothers were naturally uncomfortable letting her into their homes to pick up their items. So she invited women to drop them off at the shop or leave them on her doorstep. She also remembers spending many hours bundled up against the winter while sorting through items in cold garages.

But selling maternity clothes and products is just a part of Kari’s mission with Rosy Glow. She spends as much time as necessary with each customer, getting to know her, her situation, and the kind of support she needs. She’ll offer information about their birthing options. She’ll listen as they talk about their aches and pains and difficulties they’ve faced with their pregnancy. She’ll gently warn them about issues that might lie ahead, then offer encouragement that they’ll be able to overcome them. If they need more professional support, they only need to turn around to peruse the business cards tacked to the “resource board” near the checkout desk.

Every aspect of Kari’s business is focused on removing as much stress from a woman’s pregnancy as she can. Her philosophy is, “It should not be a struggle to get dressed.” For women who might have financial concerns, there’s an entire rack of free, take-what-you-need clothes in the front vestibule. She has a browse-and-borrow library stocked with books about pregnancy, birth, how to become a doula, and more. Her “Red Carpet” rental collection of gowns and fancy dresses is very popular.

“I really feel that I’m here to serve moms.”

I met Kari at the Blue Star Mothers Military Baby Shower a few weeks ago, where she was volunteering her time to connect with and support young mothers. She continues to support the Blue Star Mothers, donating the entire proceeds to them from a selection of clothes in her shop.

That’s the kind of commitment to community I’m talking about.

Rosy Glow Maternity is located in Sunrise Plaza, 1778 Empire Blvd., across the street from Delta Sonic. Find out more on her Facebook page and website and on Instagram (@rosyglowmaternity).

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(posted 5/13/2023)

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  1. Kathy Taddeo May 14, 2023 at 1:52 pm #

    I sure wish I had this store nearby 54 years ago.  Gre

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