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Craft as therapy for veterans, courtesy Crafty Christy’s

26 May

When Christina Barnum opened her adorable Crafty Christy’s Boutique last October, she had a few simple goals.

She wanted her shop to be unique. She wanted to specialize in vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and artisan pieces designed “for the flower child in all of us.” She endeavored to recycle, reuse and recreate as much as she could in the items she made and sold.

And especially, she wanted to support the military, reflecting her own service in the Marines. One of the ways she hoped to accomplish that was to offer craft therapy classes for veterans.

Last weekend, Christina held the first of those classes, and reported that it was a “huge success.”

She wrote,

Eight ladies came last Saturday and all had a great time. I am proud of myself for reaching my goal of reaching out to the community. My thanks go out to the generous donation that enabled me to give each veteran a gift certificate to pay it forward to other veterans. All the ladies are looking forward to attending more classes.   

Here are a few photos from the afternoon:

In her own small way, Christina Barnum is making the world a little better for our veterans.

Crafty Christy’s Boutique is located at 7 West Main St. in the Village of Webster, in the lower parking lot across from the gazebo. Find out more on her Facebook page and website. You can also click here to read the blog I wrote shortly after the shop opened.

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(posted 5/26/2022)

Webster Village business news: two new shops

22 Oct

I’m excited to tell everyone a little bit about two brand new Village shops, one which recently opened and one which will be having its grand opening very soon.

First, the one that’s not open — quite yet. It’s called Whimsies, which is going into the the former Chandeliers Boutique at 32 East Main St. It’s right next door to Lala of Webster, which is not coincidental, because Whimsies is going to sort of be an extension of Lala’s. Or as owner Lisa Schlonski describes it, a gift shop operating under the Lala umbrella.

There’s not much to tell you about the shop yet; the 2,700-foot space is still being renovated, as you might have noticed if you’ve driven down Main Street recently. But Lisa did tell me the shop will be stocked with many of the more whimsical and “snarky” items that you can find right now at Lala’s, but — and this is going to be awesome — there’s also going to be a wide selection of vintage and “penny” candy.

Lisa hopes to have the shop up and running before Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more details about that.

* * *

Next, here’s just a sneak peek at a new boutique which recently opened at 7 West Main in the village.

It’s called Crafty Christy’s Boutique. I’m going to be chatting with the owner later today to get more information, but for now, on her website she describes her little shop as,

a veteran-owned business that reached out for folks looking for a pleasant place to shop, create and make new friends. (A) boutique for the flower child at heart. Beautiful jewelry, artfully decorated items, craft therapy, guest artist, and more.

I’ll be posting a more complete blog soon, but in the meantime, you can check out her website here, or even stop by and say hi. You’ll find her off the lower parking lot behind the W. Main Street shops, near the gazebo. She’s open Monday-Thursdday 3:30 to 7:30, Friday 3 to 5 and Saturday 11 to 5.

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