New Nautical Bowls restaurant sails into Webster Towne Center

24 Mar

So I learned a new word Friday: “açaí.”

Those of you who regularly eat healthier than I do (I could eat a sleeve of Thin Mints for dinner) are probably familiar with this tropical fruit, which has found its way into beverages, smoothies and even cosmetics for a while now. I also learned that I’ve been mispronouncing it for, like, forever.

But the most important thing I learned yesterday is that when açaí is part of a Nautical Bowl, it’s downright delicious.

My classroom for this lesson was the brand new Nautical Bowls restaurant in Webster Towne Center, and my teachers were Webster residents (and Webster Thomas grads) Cameron and Jamie Scalzo. Their “Nautical Bowls” are what they like to call “superfood smoothie bowls,” filled with natural and organic ingredients.

Jamie explained that they’re 

…basically a smoothie but in a thicker consistency, in a bowl, with really delicious toppings. The best thing about ours is that it’s fruit mixed with fruit with no refined sugars. … They’re gluten free, dairy free, soy free and plant-based, and they’re packed full of antioxidants. It helps give you energy and fuel your body the right way.

There are ten different varieties, which feature an impressive variety of intriguing ingredients like coconut, spirulina, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, Blue Majik, and pitaya. They can substitute for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just be a dessert, she said, adding, “The biggest compliment we have gotten from people is how refreshing they are.”

This is the Scalzos’ first experience with opening a business, and only the first Nautical Bowls franchise in New York State. They looked at other locations before settling on Webster Towne Plaza, but they always knew they wanted to start their adventure in Webster. 

“We grew up here,” Jamie said. “We went to school here, it’s where we met, where we want our kids to go to school. We just love this community so much, we wanted to bring our first store here to share with this community which we have so much appreciation for.”

That commitment to community is an important part of their business plan as well.

Cameron said, “A portion of our proceeds will be going back to the community in any way we can to churches, to causes, to families in need, sports teams, dog shelters.” Every month will benefit a different cause.  

They also want to get involved with local events, especially those that benefit worthy organizations. “We’d like to do as much as possible if we can,” Cameron said.

Nautical Bowls only officially opened this morning, but they’ve already been warmly welcomed by their business neighbors and a steady stream of guests (one of whom remarked “I’m so excited that you’re over here!” when I was there).

“Everybody has been so welcoming, so nice, so supportive,” Jamie said. “That just shows us why at least right now we want to keep on giving back to the community. We see how people love the community, how much they care about it and those are the people we want to continue to find.”

The Scalzos have big plans not only for the immediate future of their new Webster restaurant, but also for the next five or six years, when they hope to expand the franchise into a dozen or more towns in the Rochester area and all around Upstate New York.    

But for now, with a brand new baby on the way (or by the time you read this, he might have arrived) and a brand new restaurant to run, they’re going to be focusing on serving the community where they grew up.    

Check out the new Nautical Bowls yourself on Saturday March 25 when Cameron and Jamie host their grand opening celebration. Doors will open at 11 a.m. The first 50 guests will receive a free bowl, and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to enter to win free bowls for a year, or cards good for ten free bowls or five free bowls.

Nautical Bowls is located on the north side of Webster Towne Center (Kohl’s Plaza), 927 Holt Rd., in between America’s Best Eyeglasses and Chipotle.  Check out the website here and Facebook page here.

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(posted 3/24/2023)

One Response to “New Nautical Bowls restaurant sails into Webster Towne Center”

  1. Pam Napierala March 25, 2023 at 10:12 am #

    Great location…especially with the gym nearby. I’m sure they will get lots of customers. Good luck on your new endeavor. I’m excited to stop by and try it. I’m sure it’s delicious!!!

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