Looking back at the year in blogs

30 Dec

As I like to do at the end of the year, a few days ago I took a stroll back through all of the blogs I wrote in 2022. It’s always a fun exercise, as I’m reminded of all of the events, business openings and closings, people and places that I found to share with you all. It’s a nice reminder of the rich and close-knit community we have here in Webster.

In the last 12 months I posted a whopping 276 blogs, which I credit in part to having more time to research and write now that I’m retired. Most of those were about special events. They began in February with the month-long Fall in Love With Webster, which highlighted our village businesses, restaurants and pubs. In April, we welcomed the return of Community Arts Day and the Greater Rochester Peep Show, and a brand new event, the Webster BID Easter Egg Hunt. Also in April, I reported on the official renaming of North Ponds Park to Charles E. Sexton Park in honor of the town’s first recreation director.

Later in the spring and summer I posted photos from the Memorial Day Parade and Firemen’s Parade, the Jazz Festival and a special Thank You Celebration honoring Revolutionary War patriots, the military and first responders. In September I dragged myself through the mud to tell you about the Webster Recreation Center’s annual Mud Run. October brought the Beer Walk and Village Oktoberfest, the Pumpkin Parade and the Trick-or-Treat Trail. And in December, I wrote about the newly christened Webster’s Winter Wonderland and Wreaths Across America Day at Webster Union Cemetery.

Businesses were also a frequent blog topic. I wrote about new businesses including M/Body Fitness, My Roommates Closet, the new Mama Lor’s on Lake Rd., Curated, Woodland Silk Screening, Woof’s Indoor Dog Park, Chad Cassano Studios and Crafty Christy’s. I also shared news from many existing businesses, like when Cobblestone on Main presented a huge check to Miracle Field, when Amy at the North Bee was selling hand-made beeswax ornaments to benefit the Ukraine, when Barry’s Old School Irish celebrated their 11th anniversary, Serenity Life celebrated its first, and some cute stories about Goat Yoga and Happy Feet Dancers.

I also shared positive news from our schools, like the Webster Marching Band’s annual Autumn Fanfare, the OWL Cafe at Schlegel Elementary School, the fairy trail behind State Rd. Elementary, and the beautiful murals decorating the halls of Webster Thomas High School.

I was there when Webster Thomas presented a mock DWI crash scenario before prom, and wrote about a moving exhibit on race at the library created by Schlegel Rd. fifth graders. I followed the class of 2022 as they paraded through their former elementary schools, and as they strolled through a luminary walk in their honor along the Chiyoda Trail.

Some of my favorite blogs were about the people who make up the fabric of our community. Like Jim Lockwood, Webster’s very own Santa Claus; Florence Kinney, “Mrs. Claus,” who reached her goal this year of donating 100,000 holiday gifts to children; Mike Fitzsimmons, the only known person with spina bifida to ever run an ultra marathon; Webster lacrosse standout Dr. Steve Cochi; and Cadet Nurse Corps veteran Marie Gyles. I also remembered two well-loved Websterites we lost this year, Lee Burgess and Pat Copeland.

I introduced you all to some organizations you might not have heard much about — or even known about — before: the Webster Chamber of Commerce, Heroes on the Water, the Senior Singers, Heritage Christian Stables, the Joe Obbie Farmers’ Market and the medical equipment loan closet. I also shared some good deeds from our local Girl Scouts.

Whenever I could, I tried highlight what I considered snippets of small-town life, like my neighborhood lemonade entrepreneur, stories about the kindness of strangers, how Covid brought one bunch of neighbors together.

And on the 10th anniversary of the Christmas Eve shooting in West Webster, I pulled together a publication with several stories showing how that tragedy truly brought our community together.

I often indulged in my love of history. Encouraged by my new role as author of the Webster Museum’s monthly History Bit feature, I wrote about the beautiful, hand-carved Burkhardt Family Creche; found out more about the two houses on Corning Park which used to be one; and shared some “Rules for teachers” from 1872 that proved that teaching has always been a labor of love.

I even got to be a part of Webster’s history myself when I portrayed Martha Cottreall during the West Webster Cemetery’s history tour. There were even a few history mysteries, like when I tried to learn more about John S. Gerling, Milton R. Case and the Webster Women’s Hall of Fame, and helped return an old photo album to its family.

Occasionally (usually when I needed something to post during a dry spell) I’d dredge up a “bygone blog.” Among those were the parental stupidity index, my diaper bag theory of motherhood, the psychology of dinner dishes, the resort town of Webster, NY, and a letter to my son as he moved out of town.

Finally, there were many times when I asked your indulgence, dear readers, as I wrote about some things happening in my life. These were sometimes funny, but mostly thrown out there for my own enjoyment.

Among my favorites were: admitting that I have a word problem; reflecting on hikes I took through Four Mile Creek in the fall and winter, and Whiting Rd. Nature Preserve; thoughts on my first week of school post-retirement; my magnet collection; the Tale of the Wandering Box Spring (I was the fairy, BTW, if you didn’t figure it out); looking like a terrorist when I run in the winter; my annual barefoot snow walk tradition; and recollections from my old neighborhood.

And I started the year with the most personal story of all, titled The Power of Words, where I revealed the four simple words that sparked my career in writing.

Whew. That was really long and complicated. And it didn’t even come close to touching on all of the blogs I wrote this year.

But I know lot of you are still reading, because you are the folks who’ve been with me all year. And you’re the reason I write this blog. I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: even though I enjoy doing this, it would get pretty old if I thought my words weren’t making a difference.

So thank you all for being faithful readers. I wish you all a very happy, healthy and successful 2023, and I look forward to continuing to spread good news from our hometown.

* * *

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(posted 12/30/2022)

3 Responses to “Looking back at the year in blogs”

  1. Linda J Meyers December 30, 2022 at 8:41 pm #

    Your blog is THE BEST!! Looking forward to reading in 2023!!

  2. DPD January 1, 2023 at 11:37 am #

    And you, my friend, are the reason we read it. Fine job! Always worthwhile! Happy New Year to you and all whom you love, and looking forward to more great stories in 2023.

  3. Kathy Taddeo January 4, 2023 at 7:56 am #

    Wow!  Wh

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