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Training never stops for our volunteer firefighters

31 Jan

When an emergency happens, like a car accident or a house fire, we’re always grateful and relieved to see our local first responders show up to take care of things. But during our day-to-day normal lives, when nothing awful like that is happening, we don’t give them much thought at all.

But rest assured, they’re always thinking about us.

That point was driven home to me a few days ago when I saw a Facebook post from the Webster Volunteer Fire Department, about a joint training exercise they held last Saturday morning with the West Webster Fire Department.

The post read,

The Webster Volunteer Fire Department (WVFD) and the West Webster Fire Department (WWFD) held a joint water rescue training session at the Webster Aquatic Center this morning. Several topics were covered including rescue equipment, techniques to retrieve a victim, and how to secure a victim who has been injured. The training session was capped off with some practice on the Fortuna rescue boat and it was discovered just how precarious it can be when several people try to climb on at once! … We’re here for when you need us, Webster!

The two departments are hoping to schedule joint training sessions like this at least four times this year. The next one will probably be a large area wildland search once the weather improves. In the meantime, the WVFD and WWFD hold weekly drills within their own departments. Recent ones for the WVFD have included search and rescue techniques, driver training, advancements in technology, hazmat, air consumption and many more.

Here are a few more photos from the morning’s exercise:

Thank you to Sarah Mossey for most of these photos.

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New museum will exhibit WWFD history

12 Nov

A new museum is taking shape at the West Webster Fire Department on Gravel Rd., and it’s pretty neat.

The museum is located in its own bay on the north side of the station, specially designed for that purpose when the new station was built in 2019. It’s not a huge space, but it’s packed with old artifacts representing the WWFD’s long history.

I got a personal tour the other day from Al Sienkiewicz, one of about a dozen WWFD members who have been working on the museum for more than a year. Al gave me a quick lesson in the department’s history, including how it was created following a fire in 1925 which devastated West Webster.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is a 1935 Ford pumper engine. Surrounding the engine are displays of old communication equipment, nozzles, first aid equipment and more. Three mannequins illustrate the transition of turnout gear, from a long overcoat to today’s short coat, bunker pants and complete equipment ensemble.

The WWFD also has a 1974 Cadillac ambulance, which replaces the pumper in the museum for six months of the year.

There’s still a lot to do before the committee considers the museum finished … if they ever do. For example, they’re working on restoring a huge 1924 map of the fire district for one wall and figuring out how to best use another large, blank wall on the south side of the bay. They’ll be adding informational placards on some of the exhibits, and Al would like to create a display about the civil side of the department.

The museum isn’t officially open to the public yet, although many people got a sneak peek at the WWFD’s Fire Prevention Open House last month. In the meantime, they continue to collect items for more displays and fine-tune their current ones.

They’re still on the lookout for antique fire equipment to include in the museum, especially anything from the WWFD. If you come across something in your attic that you’d like to donate, drop them an email at info@westwebsterfd.org or call them at 585-671-4141.

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WVFD and WWFD fire chiefs step down

2 Jan

A quick thank-you to two dedicated men who help keep us safe every day.

The last day of 2019 also marked the end of the terms for both Webster and West


Past Chief Patrick “Jerry” Fedele (photo courtesy nejfd.org)

Webster Fire Chiefs.

Jerry Fedele stepped down as Fire Chief of the North East Joint Fire District and Webster Volunteer Fire Department.

Fedele served in the Chiefs Office for the last six years, the last two as Chief. On December 27th Chief Fedele received an award from the Commissioners of the North East Joint Fire District that read, in part,

Bestowed Upon Fire Chief Patrick “Jerry” Fedele for Your Dedicated Years of Service as Fire Chief and Unselfish Commitment to the Citizens and Members of the North East Joint Fire District.

Vince Pratt also just concluded his term as West Webster Fire Department Fire Chief.


Past Chief Vince Pratt (photo courtesy westwebsterfd.org)

During his time in West Webster, Pratt has also held positions as lieutenant, captain, second assistant chief, and first assistant chief

Also during his fire service career, he has served as the Monroe County Fire Coordinator for the 1st Battalion. Prior to coming to West Webster, Chief Pratt served as chief of the Sea Breeze Fire Department in Irondequoit.

Thank you to both for your dedication and service to our community.

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